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Our experience in business and government is unusually wide and diverse. The value of this emerges when we focus on specific areas which are particularly important or challenging, where flexible imaginative approaches are called for and the value of our practical experience shows through.


Alongside client work we support 'best practice' development work and publish in academic journals on a number of such focal areas.


Governance issues arise when organisations commit significant resources and incur risk through projects. When projects are "owned" by several partner organisations each of them needs to consider the governance implications of what they are involved in.

We have led work to develop guidelines for such cases. We have extended these to cater for particular problems arising in the management of multi-country research and development projects co-funded by the European Commission Framework Programme (FP7)


Well-functioning networks are critical to social, cultural and economic stability and development. Initiatives to sustain existing networks or develop new ones are increasing in a globalised world, but there is little agreement on how this is best achieved.

We approach the challenge on the basis of experience going back several decades but with openness to innovation. Networks are rarely an end in themselves and thorough analysis of their basis is critical in any attempt to use, expand or create them.


We are currently placing particular emphasis on the interface between private sector businesses and non-profit or public sector organisations ?i.e. government, legally-regulated businesses, voluntary and non-governmental organisations. We assist in

  • Transferring best practice management (in both directions)
  • Aligning objectives ?both strategic and tactical
  • Developing and supporting sustainable partnering relationships
  • Developing marketing strategies and procurement strategies
  • Identifying and pursuing opportunities for complementary initiatives, working, joint research etc.
  • Realising the commercial value of public sector assets


Overall our approach is to seek to address difficult and complex questions with a combination of good theoretical tools, hard-edged concrete objectives, imaginative suggestions and common sense based on lengthy practical experience. We aim to add to the resources within client organisations, not replace them, and we try to make assignments both rewarding and enjoyable - for all those involved.

Our name says what we aim to be ? partners to management.  




We are a high-level, multi-disciplinary management consultancy with strengths in marketing, business strategy, the role of knowledge and technology in change,   communications strategy and management.


We bring this spectrum of experience and skills to our work in network building, facilitation and solution development in the many industries and countries we are familiar with


Large firm skills delivered in person



Our USPs


Senior management, experienced staff

Small and flexible

Strong academic inputs

IT and technical credentials

Facilitation skills


Focus on partnership

Founded 1977

Large firm skills   delivered in person


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